Inspiration flows from the observations and discoveries of our wonderful world.
From the explorations of nature; from the silly and wild adventures of my daughters; from the memories of my own childhood, I work quickly to scribble thoughts, images, or characters onto any scraps of paper available. Then I work and work and build on those ideas, constructing something that feels a bit like magic: a book!
I use many different tools to draw and paint. Usually pencil and watercolor for sketching; gouache and mixed media for paint; digital programs for the completed images.
Home is a mossy nook in the North Beach neighborhood of Seattle, with bestie, Jana, and our kiddos, Lucy & Daisy.
Other hobbies include adventuring, gardening, chicken keeping, and tinkering.
SCBWI awards: 
2008 International portfolio honor award
2009 Western Washington portfolio runner-up
2010 Story-in-progress award
2010 Mentorship Award (year-long mentorship by SCBWI international illustration committee)
2011 International portfolio honor award
Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle Wa.
1995-1999, Design & Illustration
Kreilsheimer scholar
2010 Illustration Master Class, Amherst, Ma.
2011 Illustration Master Class, Amherst, Ma.